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Hot Autumn Jackets – Top Trends

THE HOTTEST JACKETS FOR AUTUMN 2019 As we all know, purchasing the correct jacket for a fresh Autumn season can be a tricky decision . Choosing the correct fabric and the correct shade can be key going forwards. The jacket or coat is the outer layer to any outfit. It’s the garment people see first […]

The Rules to Wearing Animal Print

Leopard print is often viewed as the print of choice for ladies of the night many moons ago. It then became chic. swiftly it was tacky again (you can thank the 80s for that) Once again, here in 2018 animal print has made a return and it seems that it has had quite an impact. It is plastered over every social media platform. You don’t have to scroll far to see the wild print & to be honest I am thrilled because this is easily my favourite ever print.It is the fashion girl print of 2019 FOR SURE so if you haven’t gotten on the leopard print train yet, now is the time. Trends come and go way too fast these days, don’t waste a minute thinking if you can “pull it off”… the answer is yes, you can definitely pull it off.