A Guide To Wearing Leggings

Why You Need Leggings In Your Life I absolutely love leggings and I think they are one of the most comfortable items you can wear. They have been around for centuries and have been adapted and transformed through the use of different materials, colours etc over the years. However, sometimes it can be challenging at […]

Hot Autumn Jackets – Top Trends

THE HOTTEST JACKETS FOR AUTUMN 2019 As we all know, purchasing the correct jacket for a fresh Autumn season can be a tricky decision . Choosing the correct fabric and the correct shade can be key going forwards. The jacket or coat is the outer layer to any outfit. It’s the garment people see first […]

Summer Essentials

Everyone, rejoice, the Summer has landed. Well at least it has for the last few days. The weather has been far from kind to us in the month on June but it seems it could be making a significant improvement as we enter July. If, like me, you’ve been hanging onto this lightweight Spring knits for dear life then it’s time to let go. I have just checked the temperature and its peaking at 26 degrees. They say the mercury can hit highs of 30 degrees this weekend. I mean that is the polar opposite to last week and I am very happy about this. Now that the weather has arrived it’s time to finally get round to seriously sorting that Summer wardrobe out. First on the agenda? The essential. Read on for the wardrobe essentials I can’t do without.

The Rules to Wearing Animal Print

Leopard print is often viewed as the print of choice for ladies of the night many moons ago. It then became chic. swiftly it was tacky again (you can thank the 80s for that) Once again, here in 2018 animal print has made a return and it seems that it has had quite an impact. It is plastered over every social media platform. You don’t have to scroll far to see the wild print & to be honest I am thrilled because this is easily my favourite ever print.It is the fashion girl print of 2019 FOR SURE so if you haven’t gotten on the leopard print train yet, now is the time. Trends come and go way too fast these days, don’t waste a minute thinking if you can “pull it off”… the answer is yes, you can definitely pull it off.

Travel in Style

Airports are full of excited people waiting to jet off to somewhere hot and sunny. In this post I am going to show you what the best outfits you can wear for when you’re travelling. If you visit any influencers social media profiles when they’re off on their jollies you will see some of the outfits they have put together. These guys really take time and effort to assemble their outfits so this could be a great point of reference. Comfort and style have to go hand in hand to achieve the perfect airport outfit. Read on for a couple of outfit ideas that will have you looking like a famous influencer in no time. 

Double Denim

Jeans. You’ve got to love them. They have rescued me from the depths of wardrobe hell many times. They are the perfect go to when you’re having one of those days when nothing seems to look right on you. I have been in front of the mirror 10 minutes before my friends were due to arrive in a taxi to pick me and up and not had a clue what I was going to wear. The only thing that has saved me from a stern telling off from my friends was that I had a fantastic variety of jeans in my wardrobe that look amazing with pretty much anything else I wear. 

Still Look Fabulous Even when it’s Cold

The cold weather can wreak havoc on your wardrobe. I mean, it’s difficult to express your style when you look like you’re pretty much wrapped up in a duvet because you’re wearing that many layers. But don’t worry, we are going to recommend some amazing outfit ideas to akke you still look hot in the Winter chill. The key is to first not get sucked into wearing dull shades that you would normally associate with the Winter period. Avoid the browns, greys and other dull colours and inject some colour into your life. Try not to walk about in a huge black, parka coat and go for a vibrant coloured, puffer jacket instead. We would go for a neon orange colour to really stand out in the dreadful weather. What we are suggesting is that you go against the grain when it comes to stocking your winter wardrobe. Go for the unexpected and you are guaranteed to score some extra style points. Read on for some brilliant outfit inspo…

Finding what Styles Work for you and Sticking to it

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you start trying to revamp your wardrobe for the new season. Too often are ladies buying clothes that doesnt compliment their body shapes. Don’t get me wrong, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in but sometimes it’s nice to know what sort of clothing would suit your body shape. Once you have done this you are able to then choose some pieces that you are going to wear again and again. It is a great idea to invest in some items that you can use as wardrobe staples in years to come. Read on for some advice on all the points mentioned above…